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Control Systems

The engineering gap between monitoring systems and control systems is wide. However, the returns are great for the client: increased performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness. For various clients, Tao Systems develops sensors and monitoring systems robust and fast enough to be incorporated into control systems.

For example, Tao Systems is developing for the US Navy a control system for optimizing the shape of an underwater blade based on the hydrodynamic conditions. The control system is implemented by combining our advanced sensors (specially coated Senflex® sensors), instrumentation (HF-CVA), real-time flow diagnostics algorithms with state-of-the-art electro-active polymer (EAP) and smart memory alloy (SMA) actuators developed by a few universities. The robust sensors provide excellent spatial resolution and millisecond response times. Onboard computing is sufficient for real-time processing of the data using the optimized flow diagnostics algorithms. The end result is an underwater blade that performs well even under off-design conditions. This technology applies to various classes of underwater vehicles, especially Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV).

Using the flow diagnostics monitoring system, we construct similar systems for increasing underwater vehicle performance and reliability:

  • hydrodynamic lift enhancement
  • underwater drag reduction
  • cavitation suppression

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