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The engineering gap between monitoring systems and control systems is wide. However, the returns are great for the client: increased performance, safety and reliability. For various clients, Tao Systems develops sensors and monitoring systems robust and fast enough to be incorporated into control systems.

2d Matrix Snapshot of Real-Time Shear Stress DataFor example, Tao Systems is developing for the US Air Force an inlet flow control system for Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV). We implemented the control system using our advanced sensors (Senflex® sensor matrices), instrumentation (HF-CVA), and real-time flow diagnostics algorithms. The sensors provide excellent spatial resolution and millisecond response times. The shear stress plot above shows two vortices. Vortical strength and direction can be inferred from data from the matrix of sensors. Availability of such data is unprecedented not only for the quality of data but because such data is obtained in real-time. Algorithms are developed by integrating these and other kinds of sensor data. The onboard computing is sufficient for real-time processing of the data using the optimized flow diagnostics algorithms.

The same technology can be applied to internal flow control problems in the chemical, medical, and oil and gas industry.

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