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Monitoring Systems

Tao Systems is heavily involved in developing real-time monitoring systems related to aircraft aerodynamic and structural response. For several clients, we develop aircraft monitoring systems through advanced signal processing and integration of various sensors. Developing monitoring systems requires the unique engineering skill of compressing, in real-time, enormous amounts of data from various sensors into a compact display of information easily and quickly understood by the client.

Boundary Layer Flow Bifurcation Points Shear Stress Time History: Stagnation and Separation Point Movement
Flow Bifurcation Points Stagnation & Separation Point Movement

As an example, Tao Systems has developed a flow diagnostics system for NASA which includes specialized algorithms for real-time analysis of data from numerous hot-film sensors from a Senflex® sheet to obtain in real-time locations of critical points, e.g. flow bifurcation points, to an aerodynamics design engineer. The above plot is a one second shear stress profile clearly defining regions of interest on an oscillating airfoil. Other sensors and instrumentation do not come close to giving such detail in so short a time.

The algorithms within the flow diagnostics system are used for other advanced air data sensors such as the Low Airspeed Sensor (LAS), air flow vector sensor, and angle of attack sensor.

Advancing the flow diagnostics system one more level, we have developed higher-order algorithms for real-time monitoring of aerodynamic and structural loads. The system involves the use of Senflex® sensors, pressure sensors and strain gages, and several layers of algorithms to obtain in real-time sectional aerodynamics loads for a wing. Adding another layer to this system would enable even more real-time monitoring systems such as:

  • real-time aeroelasticity monitoring system
  • flutterometer

Tao Systems has the signal processing skills and sensor development expertise to assist in creating more advanced monitoring systems for various aspects of an aircraft, whether it's an inlet, wing, fuselage, or rotor blade.

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