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Senflex® Multi-Element Surface Hot-Film Sensors

Senflex® is the multi-element hot-film sensor array for non-intrusive steady and dynamic flow and temperature measurements. Senflex® is flexible, conforming to a variety of contours; and with custom arrays, Senflex® can be configured to virtually any pattern to meet your needs.

Senflex® is used for the identification of flow features such as laminar to turbulent transition, boundary layer instabilities, stagnation points, separation, reattachment, shock, etc., in wind tunnels and in flight. Our unique fabrication process permits us to sell Senflex® Hot-Film Sensors at very competitive prices; single-element films are offered for as little as $50 each.

General Information and a Catalog of Standard Arrays are available on-line in PDF format (610 Kbytes).

One method of bonding Senflex® hot-film sensors to a surface using an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive is photographically illustrated in an installation example. The photographs document the bonding of a hot-film array to the test section floor of Tao Systems' 6" x 6" in-house wind tunnel. This method is not necessarily suitable for all applications. The information provided will not replace customer evaluation and testing. MACfilm® IF-2012 adhesive is used in the installation example. A similar MACtac® product, MACfilm® IF-2043, is supplied with Senflex® hot-film sensors.

A press release, "Shock Location Sensor Flight Tested at NASA Dryden," and photographs of a Senflex® array used in the flight test are available at the NASA Dryden web site.

Read about how Team Alinghi used Senflex® hot-film sensors in winning the America's Cup in the June 1, 2003 issue of Test & Measurement World.

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