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Tao Systems develops and sells high-performance fluid flow measurement devices for the aeronautics and marine community. We also provide a diverse array of contract R&D services to clients in government and industry. See R&D Services for more information about our services and areas of expertise.

Tao Systems products are based on fundamental advances in electrical engineering and fluid dynamics. As a result, sensors, instrumentation and control solutions have several common advantages that significantly increase performance and productivity:

  • high sensitivity (order-of-magnitude greater than conventional systems)
  • large, flat bandwidth (> 450kHz) for demanding turbulence applications
  • significantly reduced impact of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) beneficial in industrial environments
  • virtually unaffected by cable type (can use ordinary unshielded cables) and length (> 100m) beneficial in reducing cable weight/cost for multichannel vehicle performance applications

Tao Systems products have primarily been applied to the aeronautics, marine and fluid transport industry. The following are a few of our products:

Tao Systems commercializes technology developed under commercial, government or internal funding primarily through two mechanisms:

  • Third Party Licensing
  • Product/Service Marketing and Sales

Tao Systems is considering licensees for the technology for other markets. Contact us for more information about any of the innovations.

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