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Tao Systems in-house facilities include a low speed wind tunnel and water tunnel for inexpensive testing of sensor, instrumentation, and advanced flow diagnostics concepts. These facilities allow us to verify and establish the operating characteristics of the hardware before venturing into expensive test facilities.

Tao Systems has ample multi-channel data acquisition systems, computer hardware of various platforms, and software to conduct all tests and development work. Our in-house electronics laboratory is used to develop electronic systems from breadboard design to final prototypes. Our laboratory includes specialized facilities, e.g. mounting hot-wire sensors.

We routinely use university and government facilities for wind/water tunnel testing and private aircraft and helicopters for flight-testing. Tao Systems has tested its technology in some of the most unique facilities in the world, e.g. flutter testing and aeroelasticity analysis in NASA Langley's Transonic Dynamics Tunnel (TDT) and testing of our real-time shear stress sensor in US Navy's Large Cavitation Channel (LCC), the world's largest water tunnel. Listed below are some of the facilities where Tao Systems has applied its technology.

NASA Transonic Dynamics Tunnel (TDT) US Navy Large Cavitation Channel (LCC)
NASA Transonic Dynamics Tunnel US Navy Large Cavitation Channel

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High-Speed Applications

Hypersonic Supersonic
NASA LaRC Mach 6 Helium Tunnel NASA LaRC Mach 3.5 Supersonic Wind Tunnel (SWT)
Transonic NASA GRC 10' Supersonic Inlet Tunnel
NASA LaRC National Transonic Facility (NTF) University of Poitiers, France
NASA LaRC Transonic Dynamics Tunnel (TDT) Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France
US Air Force AEDC 16' Transonic Wind Tunnel (TWT) Centre National del la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), France
ONERA T2 Transonic Tunnel, France University of Stuttgart, Germany

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Subsonic Applications

NASA LaRC Low Turbulence Pressure Tunnel (LTPT) US Navy NAWC-AD 4' Wind Tunnel
NASA LaRC Basic Aerodynamics Research Tunnel (BART) IIT-Chicago National Unsteady Flow Diagnostics Facility
NASA ARC 12' Pressure Wind Tunnel (PWT) USAFA 4' Unsteady Aerodynamics Wind Tunnel
NASA ARC 10' Low Speed Tunnel SWIFT Tunnel for Racecar Testing

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Flight Applications

X-56A F-18
F-15 Bell Helicopter B-412
Glasair Robinson R-22

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Underwater Applications

Water Tunnel Ocean
US Navy Large Cavitation Channel (LCC) Oracle Racing (Ventura, CA, USA and Auckland, NZ)
US Navy NSWC 22" Water Tunnel AmericaOne (San Francisco, CA, USA and Auckland, NZ)
PSU 12" Water Tunnel
VIMS Water Tunnel

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